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Ginger L. Adams

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These beautiful photos were taken in Cabo San Lucas BCS, Mexico.

From the photographer: "Now I know that bird people are said to be notorious as fishermen are when it comes to stores...but this is true, okay? We live in a condo near the Sea of Cortez. We hung 4 hummingbird feeders. It was common to have 80 to 100 hummingbirds feeding daily 8 months out of the year and as few as 40 daily in the other months. During the "busybird" season, they would eat almost a gallon of food each day. Our little Hummer Friends were Calypte costae (Costas) and Hylocharis xantusii (Xantus or blackfront). The photos were taken near dusk but you can see at least the 20 or so birds taking their last few swallows of nectar before departing for the night.When it rains, 10 days of the year, the plomeria trees hold water in their slender leaves. The hummers love it. They sit on a leaf enjoying the showers and roll and splash in the water. What a glorious sight!"

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